Backlog Commandos #101 – Trials Fusion

Backlog Commandos 101Cole and Kenny kick off their brand new show and ask you to play their game of the month with them each month. Trials Fusion flips around to start this series with A Link Between Worlds coming up next. Plus gamertag origins, other planets, and wrestling.

Backlog Commandos – Playing through our growing stack of games, one game and one month at a time. Play along with us each month and enjoy our spoiler filled review of our experiences with the game.

Theme song – -Streetwise- by Waterflame

Show Notes

Cast: Cole, Kenny
Runtime: 28:38

Topic Summary

  • Game of the Month – Trials Fusion
  • Next Game – The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • Future Commandos – Civilization: Beyond Earth, WWE 2K15, The Evil Within

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1 Comment Backlog Commandos #101 – Trials Fusion

  1. Aaron McNeal

    I finished A Link Between Worlds and loved it! I couldn’t have been the only one of us to see it through!

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