Played Civilization: Beyond Earth – Read Your Space Instructions

Civilization: Beyond Earth

A fresh start to screw it all up in the future.

I’ve had the itch to play Civ for quite a while. Right when I hit my breaking point Civilization: Beyond Earth was announced so I ended up holding out until the game actually came out. Apparently, that’s too long to wait to play Civilization because my first session did not go well. I completely forgot what I was doing. Luckily, turning on the tutorial helped me with my first few awkward steps and all of my mediocre Civ skills came flooding back.

Naturally, I sat down to play for 15 minutes and 2.5 hours flew by so I can safely say this is a Civ game.

Beyond Earth is kinda perfect for me actually, because the new sci-fi coat of paint makes it really fun to see that next unit and the futuristic, not-Earth technology and architecture. I’ll admit, starting out in the stone age kinda made my previous Civ experiences drag a bit.

Fancy seeing you here

Since I knew I was buying Civ: BE right out of the gate, I never really looked up the finer bullet points. I thought the game was going to allow you to start a civilization on an alien planet and let you choose to be human or any number of alien species. It turns out that you actually play as one of a number of Earth-based human empires. My Space-Americans quickly made friends with Space-Africans, Space-Russians while shunning the Space-French for being French landing too close to my capital. I was a little disappointed at first, but actually it makes things a lot easier to play since I don’t have to guess what the other units are from the other empires I come across.

It also makes sense because a key feature of the game is for your civilization to pick one of three affinities/philosophies based on how much of Earth’s original culture you want to maintain in your new civilization. Will you be a purist and try to make this new Earth exactly like old Earth or will you abandon Earth’s history and go full alien? Of course, I chose the middle road that will seek to balance old ideas with new alien ideas. After all, I like most of humanity but wouldn’t mind a few alien powers.

Don’t fear though, there are true aliens in Civilization: Beyond Earth. 75 turns in and I’ve only come across alien wildlife but they can still be dangerous. Those Alien Manticores aren’t afraid to take you out from a distance.