The Cursed Checkpoint #305 – Spacebase DF-9 Floats On

The Cursed Checkpoint - Spacebase DF-9Double Fine piqued our interest with the announcement of Spacebase DF-9. Before its Early Access ends, Justin gets a full status report from all of Jason’s floating adventures. Is it time to jump in or space it all together?

The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a single video game, genre, news headline, or industry story.

Show Notes

Cast: Justin, Jason (Spacebase DF-9 YouTube Playlist)
Runtime: 35:24

Episode Background

Justin has been waiting for the right time to jump into Spacebase DF-9 and was surprised when Double Fine announced that 1.0 is coming. Jason has been playing for a while and took the news a bit harder. Is all lost in Spacebase or is 1.0 a new beginning? This episode is for anyone that has an interest in playing or has been playing Spacebase DF-9.

Spacebase DF-9

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