Preparing GiffTor for the 2013 Grimmys – The Cursed Checkpoint #209

The Cursed Checkpoint #209Justin Gifford reflects on his Xbox One purchase and his year in gaming. Can Justin Lacey save him from the broken Battlefields, blinding Syndicates, and Ghosts or is it too late for all Justins everywhere?

The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a single video game, genre, news headline, or industry story.

This show was recorded live on The final video will be available on

Show Notes

Cast: Justin Lacey, Justin Lacey
Runtime: 1:07:26

00:22 – Intro and Off-Topic
09:53 – Recent Headlines
29:56 – Xbox One
38:54 – Recent Games
48:33 – Games of the Year Considerations and Regrets

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