Help Indy PopCon Grow with Kickstarter

Indy PopCon will debut next year at the Indianapolis Convention Center from May 30 – June 1 bringing with it comics, cosplay, video gaming, internet culture, entertainment, and more. Horrible Night will be one of many guests at the event and we’ve been excited to see this ambitious pop culture convention grow even before the doors open.

Support has been great so far, and in response the Indy PopCon team launched a Kickstarter to serve as a bit of a presale in order to raise funds to secure additional space at the convention center:

As of this writing, there are 12 days left in the campaign and the team is about $1,000 away from its goal. Your support may help push them over the top to enable Indy PopCon to be bigger and geekier than one hall can contain.

Come meet the Indy PopCon community this Friday at eBash or watch the livestream on our Twitch.TV channel.


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Indy PopCon Kickstarter