Characters That Games Forgot: A Strong Female Character – Veronica Santangelo of Fallout: New Vegas

About two months or so ago, I got sucked back into the wild and whacky world of Fallout: New Vegas. This just happened to coincide with the continued debate about female characters in gaming and whether or not they’re beacons of strength or one dimensional objects to point our erect penises at. Because I want to keep up with the status quo of gaming commentary, I used my time during that particular playthrough of F:NV and decided to try and find a female character that had the type of strength that everyone was desiring.

My quest didn’t take long, however as I happened upon Veronica Santangelo, a Brotherhood of Steel scribe that was hanging around the 188 Trading Post.  I actually missed picking her up as a companion way back when I first played the game and was happy to find that there was content I’d yet to explore. I was equally happy when I discovered that she was indeed a strong female character who could literally punch the heads off everything that got in her way.

Despite this, she is rarely mentioned when people talk about strong female characters and as a result, I created a short video that should demonstrate why I believe she should be ranked among the Lara Crofts and Jill Valentines of the world.

Characters that Games Forgot – For one reason or another many video game characters are forgotten soon after their respective game leaves the limelight. Many of these individuals, whether comedic sidekicks or dastardly villains, were pivotal to the games they were a part of and it is time to tell their story.

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5 Comments Characters That Games Forgot: A Strong Female Character – Veronica Santangelo of Fallout: New Vegas

  1. Nicole

    Companion/NPCs rarely get the credit they deserve for being strong female characters. Granted, most the one’s I’m thinking are BioWare (Morrigan, Liara, Tali, etc).

    But the whole idea of a “strong female character” is a personality, rather than how good of a fighter she is. I’ve not played any of the Fallout games yet (gasp), so I’m not sure if she should count on other merits or now.

  2. Justin Lacey

    Other merits get an automatic boost due to her punching skills.

    That being said there are probably a lot of unsung female NPC’s out there. This year Reyes from Tomb Raider and Kat from DmC stood out to me. Snow White even surprised me in The Wolf Among Us.

  3. TheProphecy

    This is the greatest short, Ethan Moses video ever. And props to Morrigan reference above….she’s awesome.

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