Night Force Action Report #114 – All Jammed Up

Night Force Action ReportEthan makes an uncomfortable return from Oktoberfest and swings by zombie and creation land. Josh fails as a starship pilot and GTA criminal. Justin takes a panda detour from slicing up demons. Plus the Riddick of video games is not the Riddick game.

Night Force Action Report – The editorial video game podcast where the cast gets caught up on the games they’ve been playing, new releases, brainstorms original material for the site, and pitches a few game ideas.

This show was recorded live on The final video will be available on

Show Notes

Cast: Justin, Ethan, Josh

Topic Summary

00:16 – Intro and Off-Topic
21:22 – New Releases
What We’ve Been Playing
27:09 – State of Decay, Dead Island: Riptide
43:17 – Castle Story, Terraria
53:00 – Starmade, Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto V
1:10:56 – X-Wing Miniatures
1:20:29 – Shadow Warrior, WoW
1:32:57 – Editorializing and Livestreaming Updates
1:38:49 – Game Pitches

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