Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Zombies Should Look Both Ways Before Crossing Road of the Dead 2


So I apparently got the “nerd flu” while I was at Gamescom and am currently in the throes of a sickness that is not unlike the initial signs of zombie transformation. This had put me into a foul mood but has also forced me to imagine a world where I actually gave in to such an illness and joined the ranks of the living dead. While this is not the first time I’ve gotten the impression that I was transforming into a flesh hungry corpse, I have come to the realization that street safety is going to be really important during my new lifestyle. Humans panic when things go south, and panic leads to driving like that seen in Road of the Dead 2.

As I drove my Humvee straight through the chaos of a world gone mad during my time with Road of the Dead 2, I couldn’t help but project my visage on to the zombies that foolishly wandered into my path. While they sometimes found their way on to the hood and tried crawling in through the windshield, they usually just exploded into a cloud of gore and rotten flesh. While I’m sure the soldiers didn’t intend for it to be like this, I felt that the deaths were quite impersonal. Becoming a zombie has to really suck and the least someone can do is kill you off  in a spectacular fashion that takes more thought than merely smashing a gas guzzling super truck into your torso.

That windshield is ripe for bodily damage.

That windshield is ripe for bodily damage.

That being said, Road of the Dead 2 doesn’t give you many options when it comes to the personalization of zombie murders, as the two protagonists are escaping as opposed to actively killing things. I guess you have to give them a mulligan for that, though it’s obvious that should I turn into a zombie anytime soon, I’ll stay far away from any heavy traffic. Hopefully after a while, a crafty ninja or guy armed with a lawnmower will come across me and give me the proper zombie death I’ve always dreamed of.