The Horrible Gamer #007: The Gut Reaction

We’ve talked a lot around here about how co-op enhances most gaming experiences, and now the same can be said for E3. For over 10 years, I’ve consumed E3 coverage almost entirely solo. Sure I always come back around to talking with friends/Horrible Night writers about what I’ve seen, but the actual acts of watching press conferences, trailers, and demos, listening to podcasts, and reading gameplay impressions are something I do on my own time. With the help of a few vacation days, I may it a point to watch all of the press conferences live and with chat open for our writers and community. I have to say it really capped off a great E3 to be able to react with other gamers in real-time. No fear of spoilers, no time to digest your thoughts, just live reactions and instant conversation with gaming friends. It works even without the controller in your hand, who knew?

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Not a bad start, at least, headgear wise.

I’m not sure if Nintendo planned for the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf to fit around E3, but it fit right into my E3 schedule. Being able to casually take care of my town on my required breaks that prevented a media overload on my brain, felt right. I didn’t plan on getting the game at all, but I knew I’d have time to play it and that damn eShop made it a little too convenient. The town of HoNight has cherries and we are looking for fruity friends.

What game do you go to when you need a break?

Completing one hell of a turnaround around for Sony last week was the stellar release of The Last of Us. I have to say I even had a positive experience with PSN this time around. Aside from one small PS3 update (which let’s face it, wasn’t that big and I had had my PS3 off for at least a month), it was pretty painless to digitally download the game on release day. My first impressions are simply – game of the year candidate and, holy shit, that intro. Naughty Dog has something really special here with storytelling that hits a lot of the same emotional chords of last year’s The Walking Dead, on top of one of the most immersive game experiences I have ever played.

Anyone else have any first impressions of The Last of Us?


I’ve got your back, Joel.

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