E3 13: Press Conferences Overload – The Cursed Checkpoint #204

After one of the most memorable E3 openers in recent memory, Justin and Josh run through all the standout games and moments of the E3 2013 press conferences, and look at how the Xbox One and PS4 stack up for launch day.

The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a single video game, genre, news headline, or industry story.

Episode Background

E3 2013 kicked off on Monday with its normal flood of publisher press conferences. Of course this year stands out a little bit more with the addition of two next-gen consoles.

Press Conference Links:

Show Notes

Cast: Justin Lacey and Josh Lee
Runtime: 2:50:11

00:22 – Intro
06:11 – Nintendo
31:35 – Ubisoft
55:56 – EA
1:20:00 – Microsoft
1:51:29 – Sony
2:28:22 – Sony Picks a Fight and Final Reactions

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