E3 13 Schedule for Live Chats and Podcasts


An E3 approaches!

While we are not really sure where the first half of the year went, there’s really no time to think about it because E3 2013 starts next week. After a crazy Monday full of press conferences, the show floor opens on Tuesday and we are preparing for the flood of news and game trailers and overreaction to news and game trailers. We have a plan though. Well, it looks like a plan today anyway. By the end of the next week it may look like a dream turned nightmare, but nonetheless, we wanted to share with you what you can expect from Horrible Night as we try make sense of the chaos:

Live Schedule – Join us at Twitch.TV/HorribleNight

  • Monday, June 10th – Live Chats All Day*
  • Tuesday, June 11th – E3 Podcast #1 at 8pm EDT – How about those press conferences?
  • Thursday, June 12th – E3 Podcast #2 at 8pm EDT – E3 Wrap-up

*E3 Press Conference Start Time / Live Chat Start Time (Monday, June 10th)

  • Microsoft – 12:30pm EDT / 12:15pm EDT
  • EA – 4:00pm EDT / 3:45pm EDT
  • Ubisoft – 6:00pm EDT / 5:45pm EDT
  • Sony – 9:00pm EDT / 8:45pm EDT

We should also note that Nintendo will be releasing pre-recorded Nintendo Direct video on Tuesday rather than holding a press conference.

This year for the first time, we are featuring live chats during all of the major press conferences in addition to our E3 podcasts. The rest of the week on the site be on the look out for E3 editorial and news coverage. We’ll see you in chat and hope you enjoy your E3 week.