ETOO is Like E3 Minus One

Hey, tha's clever. Instead of 2 it's too.

Hey, tha’s clever. Instead of 2 it’s too.

Were you hoping to go to E3 but can’t because you lack the necessary credentials? Do you live in London? If so, than there happens to be an expo specifically for you! It’s called ETOO and well, that’s a really stupid name. Despite the sad attempt at a play on words, the idea itself seems interesting enough and may be a solid way to bridge the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” of the video game world (that is those who go to E3 and the rest of us losers).

Check out the details over at the ETOO website and if you happen to be a London themed person, reserve your place soon! Those ETOO tickets/tokens/magic badges are flying off the shelf like hotcakes*

*I realize hotcakes are not universal so feel free to insert a popular dish native to your country.


via Joystiq