Horrible Times #412: The Right Way to Play

It was really nice of PAX East to keep all of us who couldn’t attend so entertained throughout the weekend. Seriously, every time I cannot attend I commiserate with those who understand my pain, but it really did help that this particular show had a ton of news pouring out of it. I also understand if you couldn’t see passed the DuckTales Remastered announcement though, but Blizzard, Cards Against Humanity, Gearbox, XCOM, and Penny Arcade itself were all making waves. It really was the next best thing to being there and drunkingly podcasting from there. Here’s hoping our PAX Prime plans come together!

PlanetSide 2

Wherever your adventures take you, we hope you truck.

Technology gods banded against our podcast last week, but our first Horrible Game Night in forever more than made up for it. On Tuesday night, Josh, Coop, and I grouped up with several members of the HN community for some PlanetSide 2. We promised trucks and the trucks went everywhere (and subsequently exploded). Thanks to everyone who came to play, we are looking to do more of these game nights with free-to-play or affordable multiplayer games that anyone can jump in and play. Although, its hard to see a game fitting that description with more entertainment value than PlanetSide 2, but we’ll try, monthly, or every few weeks. Keep an eye out.

This was my first serious PlanetSide 2 gaming experience since the beta, but its funny how learning how to play the game correctly takes a back seat to having fun when you are in a large group. I played more of the game over the next few days so I could learn the basics, because honestly outside of just driving around to the waypoints set by our fearless group leader, Joshleedotcom, I was pretty lost. I’m happy to say that I not only had just as much fun with a random public squad as I did with our HN squad, but I also managed to lose myself just playing solo. This could get to be a dangerous timesink for me if I’m not careful. My favorite kind of threat to my gaming library.

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