Freddie25 Does Video Game Music Right

Here we have a double dose some very entertaining video game music videos produced by Youtuber Freddie25. Mr 25 is quite the versatile musician. First, we have his one man band rendition of the theme from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. If we counted correctly, we had up to 19 different “instruments” that he recorded to put this impressive piece together.

Next up, with the help of a few others, Freddie Deuce-Nickel took some classic video game songs and added the missing lyrics that I’m sure would have been included if the technology could have supported it back in the day. The lyrics may be a bit obvoius, but he spits truth about Tetris.

I’m a fan of anyone that is inspired to create awe and laughs from the games we all love. Visit Freddie’s YouTube page and give him some props.