Hey! Watch! Super Meat Boy Galaxy or Play! If You Like Charity

Super Meat Boy encapsulated my love for the most rewarding aspects of 2D platformers with great control, level design, challenge, and charm. Once you conquer 2D, it’s natural to wonder what a game’s evolution to 3D would look like. Surely though, lightning couldn’t strike twice for SMB? I mean the idea of a Super Meat Boy Galaxy sounds ridiculous, right? Right? Look:

Super Meat Boy Galaxy

How the hell does this work?

Turns out the Super Meat Boy Galaxy prototype is drawing a lot of (warranted) attention. Originally developed as a birthday present for one of the creators of SMB, Tommy Refenes, Super Meat Boy Galaxy got the attention of the Reddit community. Naturally, fans want to know more about the future of the SMBG. Developer Aubrey Hesselgren had no intention of releasing it to the public, but the prototype is now being held ransom… for charity.

If £10,000 is raised for The Samaritans via JustGiving, Super Meat Boy Galaxy will be released in its current form. You can donate to the cause here. Pretty much everyone is going to win out of this.

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