WTF Is This: Assault Rifle Controller

Everyone who’s a dash person already knows what I’m talking about. If you’re a car-person, it’s the 1962 Ferrari GTO. If you’re a shoe-person, it’s a  pair of Christian Louboutins. And so on. If you’re not a dash person, you still know how it goes – if you’ve ever spent any time on ThinkGeek, reading SkyMall on an airplane or visited a Brookstone, your Want-But-Cannot-Remotely-Justify-Gland has gone into overdrive.

If it hasn’t gotten a workout in a while, get ready to have your mind overloaded with “Oh, my God, I must have this. It’ll be relegated to the dusty corner with the Rock Band drums faster than hollandaise sauce goes bad under a heat lamp, but I need it. Rampant consumerism compels me.”

DMR, Carbine, underbarrel grenade launcher, CQB.

You don’t have to lie. You’re with friends. We all had the exact same reaction: What the fuuu…sweeeeet.

For those of you unclear on exactly what mankind’s never-ending quest for the stars has wrought, allow me to introduce the Delta Six controller, Kotkin Enterprises’ (the guys who brought you the Avenger controller) newest…peripheral. I can’t look at this too much longer without making an ill-advised credit card purchase, so here’s the absurdly short run-down:

  • It’s got accelerometers for the whole aiming thing;
  • You can buy the plastic add-ons to make it a sniper, SMG, or for carrying M-203 underbarrel grenade launcher; and
  • There are a bunch of other bits that add “realism,” e.g., a pressure sensor that brings up the scope when you put the rifle to your cheek and a reload mechanism mapped to the magazine ejector.

No word on how you make your character move about the map, but I suspect that’s a secondary concern when you have a controller that’s transmorgified into an assault rifle. Despite not owning either CoD or BF3, color me sorely tempted to buy this awesome ridiculous interesting peripheral. For more details, linkify.

Special thanks go to @SiFiNightmare for originally sharing the article.

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