Save the Superheroes – The Horrible Show #314

The Horrible ShowThe history and the present state of superhero video games are starting to have a lot of similarities. Justin, Ethan and Josh look to their favorites and the missteps to try to solve the Superman problem and give superhero fans the games they deserve.

The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as they discuss a variety of entertainment-focused video game topics.

Show Notes

Justin L, Ethan, Josh

00:25 – Intro
03:10 – Game Industry Shout-outs
21:10 – Horrible Shout-outs
36:51 – On the Spot
45:29 – Save the Superheroes
46:10 – Classics
1:01:36 – Missteps
1:13:10 – Arkham and Beyond
1:28:45 – Solutions
1:32:32 – Updates

Game Industry Shout-Outs:

Horrible Shout-Outs:

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