Steambrothers! To Arms! Sword and Sworcery EP Released on Steam

Sword and Sworcery

A double rainbow! What does this mean?

The ridiculously named, yet fantastic adventure game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP just dropped on Steam. Sword & Sworcery released on iOS last year to critical acclaim. The game features some downright gorgeous pixel art and a soundtrack that many of us here still listen to outside of the game.

While we loved the game enough in its mobile version to give it a Grimmy in 2011, not everyone has or plays games on an Apple device. So, we’re very happy to see Sword & Sworcery become available to the Steaming masses. Being essentially a point and click adventure game with some Punch-Out!!-like combat interspersed, it should be right at home on the PC.

The game is available now and on sale for %25 off ($5.99) until April 23rd.