Video Game Music Picks: Bill Kiley, Fez, and Minibosses

When we aren’t playing games we like to pretend we are by listening to video game music. At least that’s how it started, turns out video game music is standing pretty damn well on its own these days. I frequent Bandcamp and keep an eye out for soundtracks for new games as much as I can so when I was hit in the face by 3 awesome albums at once this week, it only felt right to hit all of you in the face with some good tunes as well.


First up, the music of MolyJam. Now, I didn’t get to follow the even too closely while it was happening, but apparently the San Francisco location had a mad musician on its hands by the name of Bill Kiley. Bill created Bill Music for 15 different MolyJam games and had some music left over that he compiled into his “Time, Love, & Tender-N.E.S.” album available on Bandcamp.

Later this week the long awaited indie platformer Fez will be released on Xbox Live Arcade. While the game itself oozes plenty of style, the music that will accompany your adventure is some of the best work I have heard from one of my chiptune heroes, Disasterpeace. You can get a teaser of the upcoming Fez soundtrack that is available for preorder now and schedule for release on April 20th.

The Minibosses are responsible for making me notice that video game music can live on outside of the games themselves. I was happy to discover that they also have a new album “brass 2: mouth” that is ready to melt your digital face with more metal covers of classic game tunes from Excitebike to Tecmo Bowl.


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