Make a Statement about your Love of Terraria with a Sweet T-Shirt or Three

I’ve struggled to find ways to show the world that I’m a Terraria fan. My attempts at reconstructing my digital labyrinth met a bit of resistance from my gal and the wyvern costume I crafted just ended up looking like an under populated Chinese festival dragon. Fortunately for me, the kind folks over at SplitReason have put together some swanky gear for me and my closest Terrariaholic Ninjas.

All three designs are pretty tight, but there’s definitely an appropriate occasion for each:


This shirt is best for a relaxing day, the kind that involves hanging out under a tree with your favorite sword.


This shirt is best when you're hanging out with a Blob King and his kin.


And finally, the bunny Ying-Yang is best for when you're on a first date and you want your dude/lady to think you're sensitive, but also a bit dark (sexy dark of course).

Each of the shirts go for $19.95 so go out and support your favorite Terraria fiend or just buy a large of each and send it to me. Either choice is cool because I’m indifferent to one and the other benefits me quite a bit.