Merge Games Brings The Binding of Isaac and Terraria to UK Stores

The Binding of Isaac Unholy Edition

Such a creepy/awesome poster.

In a curious reverse trend, Merge Games will be bringing two indie hits to the physical realm in the UK. Previously only available as digital downloads, Terraria and The Binding of Isaac will both be making the jump to physical copies. Collectors and fans rejoice, because outside of that I’m not sure who the actual audience is.

The Terraria Collector’s Edition will come with a special in-game item, a key-ring, poster, and trading cards. The Binding of Isaac: Unholy Edition also has a few extra goodies in the form of a Steam gift key, a DRM-free copy of the game, the soundtrack, a poster, and a 40 page “Devzine.”

I’m a big supporter of giving hardcore fans options for getting more out of their favorite games, and goes to show how seriously people are taking these indie games. With The Binding of Isaac recently topping 450,000 sold and details emerging of an expansion, it isn’t hard to imagine more than a few drooling superfans out there.



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  1. Justin Gifford

    That poster is terrifying. The only way it could be scarier is if Issac had clown paint on.

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