The 2011 Grimmys: Downloadable Game of the Year – Bottlecaps Division

The Grimmys

The price of a game is no longer an indication of quality or longevity as these low-cost morsels are exploding with shocking amounts of replayability and depth. Those upset about paying $60 for a 6 hour game may just find something to quench your miserly thirst.

The Nominees

Dungeons of Dredmor – Closer to the Rogue-like than the previously mentioned title, Dungeons of Dredmor’s humor and approachable mechanics are a perfect introduction to that style of game. It’s easy to spend dozens of hours carefully exploring Dredmor’s randomly generated dungeons and multiple skill sets and other abilities further increase the replayability. Fighting rabid potatoes has never been so fun.

Terraria – Terraria could, and arguably should be a much higher priced game. It’s deep, it’s approachable and it never seems to end. The recent 1.1 update literally doubled the game play possibilities, which says a lot for a game that just came out in May. Minecraft definitely has some competition in the sandbox department.

Grimmy WinnerThe Binding of Isaac – While those without mommy issues may not understand the story, it’s tough to ignore the engrossing game play in this lite version of the Rogue-like model of games. Edmund McMillen and crew did a marvelous job of creating a simple yet challenging game that’s almost impossible to put down.

Sequence – Fans of Dance Dance Revolution and other rhythm games finally have an adventure to apply their carefully honed skills towards in Iridium Studios’ unique approach to the puzzle RPG. While you won’t have to worry about dance pad-related leg cramps, your hands are going to get a workout. Fingering your way to victory has never been so fun.

Serious Sam Double D – Serious Sam Double D looks to be the result of a game designer coming down off a combination of roid rage and an Ecstasy fueled-night of raving. If things aren’t exploding, you’re not playing it right and the confusion you feel throughout is an intended side effect. That being said, fans of old school side scrollers can definitely find something to love in this game and it’s frantic pacing. Stackable guns?! YES PLEASE!

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