The 2011 Grimmys: Proud to be a Video Game Award

The Grimmys

Games can get pretty intense and sometimes take themselves a bit too seriously, even forgetting why they exist in the first place. It’s a good thing that developers with an affinity for fun and indifference to congruent narratives are around to remind us all why we started gaming in the first place.

The Nominees

Renegade Ops – One part nostalgia, one part Michael Bay movie, all fun. That is the best way to describe Renegade Ops, a game that didn’t bother going too far into an explanation of why you’re blowing stuff up, only that it’s quite important to do so immediately. It’s safe to say that this type of game play is needed in a world where narrative and graphics can sometimes overshadow the importance of fun.

Grimmy WinnerSaints Row: The Third – The game features a dildo bat – enough said. In all seriousness, no one thought Saints Row 3 was going to bring anything more to the table than over the top antics and it did so while offering up an experience that the gaming media can’t stop talking about. Probably the best example of a game that didn’t take itself too seriously while taking the game play itself more seriously than anyone expected.

Bulletstorm -The game is called Bulletstorm, how much more gamey can a game get? Like the previously mentioned titles, Bulletstorm doesn’t stumble around too much trying to create a plausible tale as the storming of bullets needs nothing more than a weapon for said bullets and targets to penetrate. Did I mention you get extra points for shooting a person in the balls and kicking off their head? Well you do, and that’s awesome.

Orcs Must Die! – Orcs Must Die is the most strategic of the gamey games, but don’t mistake that for pretentiousness. It’s a game about torturing orcs with sharp, pointy objects and doesn’t ever stray far from it’s conventions. In all honesty, there’s nothing more satisfying that smashing, burning and eviscerating bad guys.

Mortal Kombat – A plot line consisting of a bunch of dangerous people fighting in an alternate dimension won’t ever be confused with Oscar fare but it does make for an awesome video game. Mortal Kombat has all the gore, violence and boobs one could ever ask for, all wrapped up into a nice, neat little package that doesn’t require a doctorate in brain surgery to sit down and play.

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