Rampage: The Movie Looking for a Script


Who will win the toilet sponsoring rights?

New Line Cinema is currently seeking writers for a movie script based on the classic monster video game based on classic monster movies, Rampage. John Rickard of Final Destination and A Nightmare on Elm Street fame (?) is looking to produce the film and rumors have been comparing the flick to a Ghostbusters or Independence Day scale of a movie. “A smartly-budgeted monster movie” is how The Hollywood Reporter describes it.

Kidding aside, who couldn’t go for a monster movie these days? Vampires, zombies, super heroes, and raunchy comedies seem to be our only options. Plus, this isn’t some SyFy movie of the week with yesterday’s green screen technology featuring the day before’s pop icon wanna-be’s. The bar isn’t exactly high here for being worth your popcorn dollar so here’s hoping someone takes the bait and actually brings George, Lizzy, and Ralph to some skyscrapers near you.


The Hollywood Reporter

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