Help Kids, Get a Chance to Cleanse the Universe of Intergalactic Zombies


Even though the satisfaction of helping others is reward in and of itself, Andrew and Richard from MinMax games wanted to do their part to get the word out about our A Call to Gamers: 24 Hour Gaming Marathon Challenge for Child’s Play and graciously donated Steam codes for us to give away during the event for their indie hit SPAZ: Space Pirates and Zombies.  I knew these guys were pretty cool after interviewing them back in August, but they’re officially on my “solid dudes” list (which, I might add, is a tough list to get on). I’ll actually be playing through the game during a segment of the marathon, so those unsure about SPAZ can get a good grasp on why I’m so freaking addicted to it.

We’ll be giving the codes out leading up to and during the course of our 24 hours of  charitable gaming, so get in touch with us through email, Twitter, Facebook or by leaving a comment on this post explaining what you’re going to do to help our cause. Whether you donate your time or money, a little bit goes a long way. I’ve got a feeling the SPAZ codes are going to go quick, so get off your butt and figure out how you’re going to answer our call to gamers.


MinMax Games
SPAZ website
A Call to Gamers