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I still think that Gordon Freeman showing up in the Steam version of Renegade Ops is pretty damn funny. But it’s also kind of lame. So what other ideas do you have for platform exclusive content on the other game consoles? i.e. – (Microsoft exclusives on 360, Sony on PS3, Nintendo on their stuff, and even EA with Origin

Renegade Ops

Super sweet or super lame?

Justin G (GiffTor)

You mean aside from the Cole Train in Madden and Marcus Fenix in Fruit Ninja? I think we’ve pretty well hashed out that Microsoft’s exclusive stable is fairly lean (I checked by going through the entire release list for exclusive titles: you’ve got Master Chief, the Gears soldiers, Baldur (from Too Human), Commander Shepard (pre-resurrection, ME wasn’t released on the other consoles), unless you want to include the Gunstringer. Personally, I think careening through Cyrodiil with a wacky, bug eyed skeleton/marionette cowboy would really add something to Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series, but that’s just me… I suppose you could export Frank West into a fighting game since he has the same move set at Zangief, though.

JP (JPizzle151)

Wasn’t Frank West in an iteration of Marvel v Capcom or soon will be?

Justin G

You’re right. He most certainly is; Ultimate Marvel v. Capcom 3. I am clearly a genius for crossovers. That said, my suspension of disbelief gland is having trouble seeing Frank West fight The Hulk. You know, since in the real crossover events (Marvel vs DC), The Hulk fights The Man of Steel, not Jimmy Olsen.

Justin L (JDevL)

Frank West

Does Frankie count or what?

Plus you broke the rules and Capcom (Frank West) doesn’t have a platform to pull their characters in. You are correct in that Microsoft’s exclusive offerings don’t play well across many genres. Although, it would be kind of cool to see some of the Lego games put Master Chief or Marcus Fenix into their games (yes even Harry Potter, especially Harry Potter).

Justin G

I most certainly did not break the rules – Dead Rising was an Xbox exclusive and Epic isn’t Xbox exclusive: Bulletstorm was on PS3 (yes, I know it & published, didn’t develop) and Infinity Blade is for iOS. Therefore, Microsoft could pull Frank West into other games on its console; the fact that he’s in Ultimate Marvel v. Capcom 3  is just gravy.

Ethan (Wizardtrain187)

I agree with Gifford on the Cole Train coming out of early retirement, but I honestly think most any member of the Gears team would do a pretty stellar job on the gridiron of Madden. It’d be cool to see Master Chief in a Gears game as an unlockable skin or maybe even a DLC campaign. Perhaps he jumps out of another space ship while holding onto a giant bomb and accidently lands on Sera, only to become embroiled in a struggle between COG and Locust.

I’d like to see Gabriel Belmont and Kratos team up since they both utilize chain weapons, though Gabriel seems a bit more pure hearted than Captain Angry, so that could cause issues.

Kratos and Belmont

You have chains, I have chains, let's see if we can't put these chains together and create one big super chain!


Seeing that staying platform specific is boring, I’m going to put the topic on it’s head. I propose that we let Link try to survive in God of War universe. Next we should throw Sonic in the Rachet and Clank series. Then we will finish with Samus going to the Halo universe. Cross platform pollination can provide many creative ideas.

Brandon (H21)

Inserting a terrible idea here followed by a (maybe) good idea:

Now for the terrible:
Marcus Fenix in Dance Central (1 or 2). Imagine seeing a fully-geared COG soldier getting “jiggy with it” and what have you. Actually, now that I think about it, I can totally see Baird being involved in Dance Central.

Now for the good:
I would like to see Halo Wars in the Gears of War universe. A RTS game controlling hundreds of COG or Locust soldiers battling it out. I would like to see it go back to roots like Warcraft 2, which when I was younger, was the premiere game of its kind. You would have heroes that match the names of characters you know and love.

On another note: How the hell did this become a thread dominated by Gears of War?


Well Brandon, that's because Gears 3 is WICKED AWESOME!!!!!!!

Andrew (Coopopolopolis)

I say we swap Cole MacGrath from Infamous with Alex Mercer from Prototype. Oh wait, that wouldn’t really do anything interesting because they’re basically the same game. My bad.


I would like to see a stand alone Gears RTS.


I’m going to pretend like I didn’t see Gears and RTS in the same sentence. That’s a HORRIBLE idea. Makes me think of Brutal Legend for some reason. Maybe we should take the entire Brutal Legend game concept and mix it into something that was good.


Damn the RTS genre gets a bad rap around here


Brutal Legend

With Jack Black involved, the only direction things tend to go is down...

Brutal Legend wasn’t supposed to be an RTS. Why it went that direction I will never know, but I will hold firm in my pitch. Viva La Resistance!

Justin G

I’m with Coop on this one – I really, really love Gears, but if they made it into an RTS, I’d have to play it and I haven’t liked an RTS since Starcraftso it’d be a chore. (Halo Wars was…fine. But I didn’t love it). Howsabout we take one of the eponymous sports games like Tiger Woods Golf and stick the title character in a platformer where he uses his sporting goods as weapons? What’s that? Someone already did that with Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City? Damn.

Cole (Colefacekilla)

I have an idea that will blow everyone’s mind. How about game developers/console makers/idiots in suits leave franchises alone and all the characters within alone. No Cogs in Dance Central, no Master Chief in Super Mario Kart. Keep the characters only in their own games. Also, don’t make RTS’s based on shooters. DUMB. The only character who can branch out in other games (sports/racing/rpg/party/) is Mario dammit. Everyone else needs to stay home. Even if it means a few extra dollars in the corporate coffers. It’s dumb and doesn’t add anything to the game that character shows up in. Unless it is within the title like Marvel vs. Capcom or something similar. Make a game called Nintendo vs. Sony vs. Microsoft and I’d be okay with it. But Zelda, Darth Vader, and Yoda have no business in Soul Calibur.


Unwelcome I am...


Thanks for raining on our creativity parade Cole!


I’m going to be stubborn and stand by my decision. The only reason is just because someone has tried and failed doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I will agree with Cole that Soul Calibur got ridiculous with its characters. Viva la resistance!


I was thinking about a Gears RTS, but how about a Resident Evil RTS with Gears characters as the humans and the RE mutants as the opposition? Anyone that says this is a dumb idea should have never been born and seeing as we discussed time travel on the live show, I will utilize my single use time travel machine to insure that happens.


I am so freaking hungry, is this 1940's crime solved yet?

I’d also like to see Kirby in L.A. Noire acting not unlike Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars prequels. People trying to solve crimes by the book, Kirby swallowing them, imagine the hilarity that would ensue.

I’m a go Kanye on your butts too and diverge completely from the subject at hand to include a battle between Donkey Kong and King Kong. One throws barrels, the other throws haymakers at planes, the battle would be intense if not a bit one sided (sorry Donkey, he’s the king for a reason).

Finally, I’d love a Dynasty Warriors featuring either the Ninja Turtles or select characters from Road House, much in the way Gundam was portrayed in DW. Why? The question should be why not?


Now there is a group of ideas I could get behind. Go ridiculous with the implementation and I have no problem with it.

Justin L

I dunno what just happened here, but I think Ethan just schooled all of us. Thread over.


The end to this reply to all is brought to you by Swayze, gone but not forgotten


Before Ethan decided to win this REPLY TO ALL, there were some good ideas tossed about. But do people want to see a Gears of War RTS or more character crossovers? What say you?


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Neon Bubble (images)

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  1. benji138

    For me, seeing/hearing about a crossover character in a game always follows the same formula: disbelief, brief excitement, and then disappointment. The latest example is Kratos in Mortal Kombat. At first it seems like a cool idea, but I like to keep my game universes separate from one another. The minute you throw in a character from another game, no matter HOW much you try to explain it, you will never convince me that there’s a good reason why Link could be in Soul Calibur or Solid Snake could be in Super Smash Bros. It just doesn’t work. But, I do agree with Cole in the sense that if you go in an incredibly ridiculous direction, it could work just for the sheer insanity of it. Now I’m looking at Freddy Krueger in Mortal Kombat. THAT is an awesome idea. Come to think of it, why isn’t there a horror movie villains fighting game yet!?

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