Does July 2011 Matter? – The Horrible Show 081011

The Horrible ShowSeriously, you have no idea how excited we are to talk about video games again. Through audio difficulties the crew is back. After a GenCon detour Justin, Cole, Ethan, Justin, and Josh comb through headlines of July to see if any of them matter. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow

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Show Notes

Justin L, Cole, Ethan, Justin G, Josh

0:50 – Intro
2:17 – Threesomes of the Week
31:42 – On the Spot Question
40:41 – Does July 2011 Matter?
41:42 – 3DS Price Drop
48:29 – EA and 3D Gaming
55:25 – Indie Games Sales
1:04:50 – Burnout CRASH!
1:08:03 – Damned and Eden Sales
1:16:07 – Red Faction Dies
1:24:18 – Zynga Goes Public
1:25:48 – Which Headlines Matter?
1:29:53 – Updates
1:31:16 – Game Industry Shout-Outs

Threesomes of the Week:
ColeMad Men Season 4, SNL Book, Bastion
Justin GEureka, Dance of Dragons, Beyond Good & Evil HD
JoshMechWarrior: Living Legends, Nvidia Surround, Gen Con
EthanInsidious, Brink, Tough Mudder
Justin L – Eureka, Bastion Soundtrack, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Game Industry Shout Outs:
ColeZelda 25th Anniversary Site
Justin G – Mika Mobile: ZombieVille USA
JoshDeus Ex New Vision
EthanBorderlands 2 and Salvador
Justin LOwlboy Trailer

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Coming Soon

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