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We’ve scoffed at the idea of some of our favorite single player series adding useless multiplayer or co-op features, but sometimes it works (Assassin’s Creed). What single player game would you love to have a multiplayer component added and what would that component consist of?

Axe person vs. Ethan. Ethan wins.

Ethan (Wizardtrain187)

Man this is a tough one since I feel like EVERY game has some multiplayer component to it. However, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas did not and in my opinion (especially since the MMO based on that series may never come out) that world is ripe for a bit of multiplayer fun. It would probably work like other open world games where players drop in and out of each other’s games, but if possible, it would be cool to be able to have a dynamic world that changes with every player’s actions and not just the host’s. With the faction conflict going on in that game, it would be cool to fight it out among your friends, backed by their selected faction, over terroritory etc. Maybe your buddy is trying to complete a quest and you can jump in to thwart him should his agenda be counter to your, etc. Again, difficult in practice but it has a ton of possibility.

Justin G (GiffTor)

Would multiplayer work?

Although this may be somewhat heretical, I wouldn’t mind a co-op option in Mass Effect 2. Although your squad AI is fairly decent and the ability to pick which squad powers get used when, I can’t tell you the number of times my squad gets wiped out fighting a couple of Ymir mechs or forgets to take cover if I don’t specify it. There would definitely be some difficulty in altering the interface in a way that allows a second or third player to join when the game is designed as a single-player experience where you direct your squad (not to mention the fact that the co-op version would be interminable in the many non-combat sequences), but if it were done right (somehow) it could be cool. Starship exploration would be very difficult to change, but maybe resource gathering could be tweaked to allow for two or three simultaneous reticles to speed up scanning? Thinking about it, you’d have a hell of a time making Mass Effect 2 into a co-op friendly game (you’d basically have to make a totally new game), but it’s an interesting thought experiment. Like – would your co-op teammates have to pick one character or could you direct which one they chose in squad loadout? Could the conversation options be set up so that when you team is having a discussion, they get to pick their character’s responses/lines, too, along the lines of what you do with Shepard? It’d be a huge undertaking, but I think it could be done and done well.

Josh (joshleedotcom)

More games need a Duck Hunt option.  Let a second player pick up a controller and control the enemies in your single player game.  Aren’t all games made more fun when your friends can join in and be total assholes and impede your progress?

On the other hand, I do like the growing trend of co-op features.  I just wish more games integrated said co-op into the main campaign.  I don’t want a half-assed side campaign or survival mode.  I don’t even care if the game totally ignores player two in the cutscenes a la Dead Rising 2.

The "Duck Hunt" option should be a staple.

Justin L (JDevL)

Both the Fallout universe and Mass Effect universe need both a co-op game (4 people) and a competitive multiplayer game (I could even see an RTS game of sorts for Fallout for controlling areas on the map). However, I’m glad they haven’t forced these updates into the current iterations of the games we know and love. Even if some of the rumors are true for Mass Effect 3, I don’t think the multiplayer will be a big selling point or break the Shepard story which takes precedence at the moment. Like Josh said, don’t half-ass it.

I think every game needs that Duck Hunt option, Josh. Left 4 Dead style where you just jump in and randomly control enemies. I could finally give those goombas some sense.  Wait, did we just promote the Wii U?

Although this may be blasphemy based on what we have said about Arkham City before. I think a co-op Batman game would be fantastic. However, you can’t use Robin, I’m sorry. It may not be Arkham style, but we’ll see how City turns out. Because what I’m picturing is a Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Rome style city with 1-3 other heroes working with you. If you found the right complimentary characters (Catwoman was a nice touch) and give the heroes/anti-heroes a reason to work together, it would be fun to solve crimes with a few friends. Don’t go all MMO on us though, I want a tighter mission structure with a progressive story. Section the story off into phases so you can drop in and out easier, but keep a tight narrative.

Cole (colefacekilla)

You guys all have great ideas and one’s that I would love to see implemented. Lacey just made me think how awesome it would be to have a team of heroes to patrol with in Arkham City, but not the Justice League or Robin. I would love to play an RPG with another person and Mass Effect 2 would be awesome. It would be hard to imagine sitting through the conversations but Gifford made an interesting suggestion to try and make that more palpable.


No, not you.

But what Josh’s Duck Hunt suggestion really got me thinking was about L.A. Noire. What if you could play as a criminal and make purposeful decisions to throw off the detectives trying to figure out your story. The goal would obviously be escape, but you could hide or alter evidence, choose to lie/mislead or even try to bribe your way to freedom. The design implications would be damn near impossible but it could be a ton of fun if done properly. Maybe L.A. Noire isn’t the correct game for something like this, but a modern day Cops and Robbers non death match game would be interesting to me.

Alex (streetalchemist)

Alright, everyone ready to have their minds blown? I want to see a Mega Man Legends style, fully 3D co-op title. I’m talking Mega Man and Zero teaming up to take on the Mavericks! And it needs to be done in Unreal 3. I want to be able to see every hair in Zero’s pony-tail and robot parts being cut in half leaving oil and jagged metal behind…

Justin L

Did you just cross Mega Man with Gears of War and keep the strong co-op intact? Because that is incredible and Capcom should hire you.

Justin G

Oh. My. God. <puts hand to forehead, mimes brains exploding outwards> You are a geeeenius. Also, Lacey- thank you for not including the Boy Wonder in your co-op Batman world. He sucks. However, could you properly include Nightwing (linked for the heathens)? He’s badass and has his own set of motivations/complex relationship with World’s Greatest Detective.


Imagine this...

I like you Gifford. Nightwing co-op better be in the next Batman.

Alex, your Mega Man game sounds amazing until you realize it will be a 3DS exclusive.


Now that I think of it, wouldn’t it be awesome to explore the Resident Evil 1 mansion with a bud? Sure, it’d be a remake of a remake, but how awesome would that be? Or better yet, what if someone could control the monsters while the others controlled members of STARS? Think of Dungeon Keeper meets Umbrella! I am so freaking smart I just pooped myself.

Justin L

With every game we mention, I keep going back to Josh’s Duck Hunt idea and the potential of a Wii-U interface. Have a co-op remake of the RE 1 mansion, and another player move multiple zombies throughout the house in order to chase down the STARS team. Doesn’t even need the Wii-U, online just give the other player a different interface with a PIP view of the action.

Also, Nightwing = Robin = I’m still not buying it :)

Justin G

Nightwing used to be Robin. Now he’s a badass like Batman. And they don’t get along well.

Justin L

No one is like Batman. Blasphemer!


Azrael (the Jean-Paul Valley version) is way badder ass than Nightwing and had Bruce Wayne’s blessing to portray Batman after Bane broke the real Bat’s back.  Dude defeated Bane, and refused to have Robin as a partner (which amps him way up in my book) but The Bat had to retake his bat-throne from him after he recovered because Azrael let a guy fall to his death which ended up killing that guy’s victim as well. AND he almost killed Nightwing. So he wins.

...combined with this.

For some reason all of our arguments come back to Batman at one point or another

Justin G

Cole’s right. Azrael: Agent of the Bat (also: retired angel) wins.


Let’s combine Justin’s WiiU idea and this new Batman co-op thing.  Instead of another action hero for a second player, why don’t we have Oracle, Jim Gordon, or Alfred helping Batman out with the WiiU screen.  You could provide intel via satellite or security cameras, command GPD units to assist, or pilot the batwing and batmobile remotely.

Justin L

I like that Wii U Batman idea better than online, because then I can club someone in the head with the giant Wii U controller if they pick Robin.

Also, depending on where the Darksiders franchise is going, I want to run around as all 4 horseman.


You just want to run around the world as Metallica.

Justin L

Only if Tim Schafer does it as an apology for what Brutal Legend should have been.

JP (JPizzle151)

Go figure I go out of town and the cursed goes on another Batman tangent…

Trademark the Mega Man idea immediately. If multiplayer can translate for any game like it did in Bioshock 2, I’m ok with it. I suggest everyone come back to Earth and start talking about the pogo-cane multiplayer possibilities of Duck Tales!

Andrew (Coopopolopolis)

Sorry I’m late to the party, but I stayed pretty technology free at the beach, mainly to avoid work. Anyway, I have to agree that this Mega Man/Gears hybrid game is genius, and we should probably start developing that ourselves with UDK.  Giff, I put you in charge of the legality of trademarking the idea, name, and securing rights from Capcom to use the Mega Man name and characters. I doubt we need any approval from Epic for ripping off Gears gameplay because 50 Cent managed to pull that one off just fine. I do have to mention that attempts of this have been made using the Quake 3 engine, but I don’t think any of them were any good. A Gears feel could be what these mods were missing.

Justin L

Forget rights, let’s just change the colors of the characters and call it Mega Gears, and all of the robot bosses can be called ArbitraryWord Woman. That should get us in the clear.


Batman’s an asshole.

Justin G

That’s one reason he’s awesome.


If nothing else, we should be hired as a brainstorming think tank. With a very interesting use for the Wii U controller (other than physical violence) and an awesome Mega Man/Gears of War mashup, the profits would be rolling in for any developer brave enough to go with our horrible ideas (and immediately lost due to Batman copyright infringements).


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    You know Justin we have come up with many great game ideas in R2A in the last 6 months. The Smash TV remake is my favorite so far.

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