Hey! Watch! Glorious Video Game Filled Goldfish Music Video

The best music videos find you. I had never heard of Goldfish or their song “We Come Together” before watching the video above. However, while witnessing the amazing pixel animation in front of me and trying to keep up with the rampant geek references, I found myself bobbing my head along to a damn good song. A quick jump to Amazon later and I had a new album on my hands. I never stood a chance and can’t help but smile with every repeat viewing.

Goldfish - We Come Together

Instant fan

What I spotted
Sega, Nintendo, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Excitebike, Bubble Bobble, Elevataor Action, Pitfall, Q-Bert, Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, Ninja Gaiden, GTA, Pac-man, Crazy Taxi, Metal Gear Solid, Donkey Kong, Piano Cat, Duck Hunt, Mortal Kombat, Bomberman, Final Fantasy, Adventure Time, Parappa the Rappa, Katamari Damacy, Sonic the Hedgehog

Did you catch anything else in the pixelized perfection?



7 Comments Hey! Watch! Glorious Video Game Filled Goldfish Music Video

  1. Justin Lacey

    I was thinking more Gumby than Clayfighter? And that Orange Box reference is brilliant, I chalked it up as Metal Gear when they walked off in it.

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