Horrible Game Night – May 23rd 8pm EST – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Section 8: Prejudice

Horrible Game Night

Friend request Colefacekilla for AC Brotherhood action and JPizzle151 for Section 8: Prejudice.

Here we go. Game time. We want to invite all of you and your friends to join us on Xbox Live on Monday, May 23rd at 8pm EST for some group assassinations and a surprising XBLA shooter.

Featured Games

We are featuring a full release as well as an XBLA game so that everyone gets a chance to play. You can play either game or both. Trying to get one game for everyone was limiting our options (not to mention our genres). Plus, by mixing up the games we’ll reduce the chances for veterans to dominate games. A Horrible Night gamer will be leading each game to help keep things organized. We’ll be gaming for at least 3 hours or until the crowd dies down. Other games may make a surprise appearance based on the mob’s mentality.


Your creepy host

RSVP on Facebook. Check this page for more details as we get closer to the event. But here’s what you can do in the meantime:

  1. Dust off or acquire a copy of either/both games
  2. Connect to Xbox Live and update your games to the latest version
  3. Send a friend request to HorribleNighter
  4. Be online by 8pm EST on May 23rd
  5. Await a group invite or message for further instructions

Invite your friends and come stab/shoot the Cursed in the back.

7 Comments Horrible Game Night – May 23rd 8pm EST – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Section 8: Prejudice

  1. JP LaFrance

    Does this mean I need to get over my issues with AC1, and suck it up and buy the other two?

  2. JP LaFrance

    I’m still mad they didn’t go to the Far East. I have serious issues with the franchise. I may have to give Enzio a legitimate shot at my attention.

  3. H21

    How long will you be going tonight? I don’t know if I can make it at 8 pm EST, but I may be able to get in later.

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