It’s a Horrible Birthday

Horrible NightToday, Tuesday April 26th, marks the first anniversary of the launch of We want to say thank you to our readers for continuing to support and in turn, motivate us to keep on gaming and to keep on writing about those games (and whatever it is that Ethan does). 2011 looks to be an even bigger year for Horrible Night and we hope you and your friends come along for the ride.

Our most Horrible

Because it is our birthday we have one request. We’d like to hear from you and know which articles/moments on Horrible Night have been your favorite in the past year. You can share these with us in any of the following ways.

  1. Leave a comment below
  2. Leave a comment on our Facebook page
  3. Post a message on Twitter with the #HorribleBDay tag

To show our appreciation we have uploaded our official desktop and iphone wallpapers, along with our twitter icon. You can download them all here (134k .zip file).

Always remember to stay away from bad video games.

Thank you,

Justin Lacey (JDevL)
EIC and Final Boss
Horrible Night

4 Comments It’s a Horrible Birthday

  1. LA

    Congrats on your 1-year anniversary. I would love to get in on the next gaming night and if you guys are looking for a sports-gaming writer/reviewer, I’d love to contribute. Best of luck regardless!

  2. benji138

    All of the “I Learned Something” articles are my favorite. It makes me look at games that I loved as a kid in a whole new light. I could probably write an article a day about this subject. It’s hilarious, insightful, and nostalgic, which to me is a recipe for a great editorial. Keep it up!

  3. Justin Lacey

    Thanks, Jared. We’ll keep you posted on the next game night and let you know when we are taking contributions again. I’m sure things will get busy after E3.

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