Medal of Honor “Leave a Message” Trailer Resonates

Normally, I would skip right on over a Medal of Honor trailer. Military shooters are a dime a dozen, and I’m content with my franchise of choice at the moment. Until recently, it seemed as though we were headed for a yearly Battlefield vs Call of Duty war. All hell has broken loose with the traditional franchises and the alignment of the talented developers behind them. It is safe to say that all of the major series out there are going to be rebooting soon. Now all of a sudden, Medal of Honor, the series that started it all, is ahead of the curve with its modern reboot which was underway before the Infinity Ward drama began.

EA has a chance here with Call of Duty in the middle of an identity crisis, to stake its claim on the dramatic modern story driven military shooter.  If they can elevate this series, it allows for Battlefield to further separate its style of multiplayer and dark comedy squad based single player campaigns, and for Respawn Entertainment to head in a completely new direction entirely. Then, EA has a very wide and stable net cast over the military shooter landscape.

Now, that’s a very big ‘if’, for sure, but a nice first step is a solid trailer that sets the foundation for an emotionally engaging experience, and I’d say they nailed this one.

3 Comments Medal of Honor “Leave a Message” Trailer Resonates

  1. Pixelmixer

    Hadn’t heard about this one somehow, but that is an awesome trailer. If the details stay that good up until launch I might find myself buying this one.

  2. colefacekilla

    Haven’t played a Medal of Honor game since the first one but this is intriguing. Makes me wonder what the Respawn guys are going to do because EA is saturated with war shooters.

  3. Tommy

    I’ll definitely give this a shot. The original (and 2nd) MOH games are some of my favorite/most memorable.

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