Mark of the Ninja Video Reflex Review: Stealth is Cool Again

The duders at Klei Entertainment are trying their hands at the 2D stealth platforming genre (what?!) with Mark of the Ninja for XBLA. Mark of the Ninja is to Shank as Pizza Rolls are to Pizza. It’s got all the flavor of the original recipe, but product as a whole is superior in every way…. Continue reading

Games of September Rile Up the Deuces

Finally, a month full of video game releases worth talking about. Start selling what your momma gave you because this is only the beginning of what the rest of 2012 has to offer. We woke up the staff to find out which games they will be playing this month. Check out the our hand selected… Continue reading

Hybrid Video Reflex Review: Jet Packs Everywhere

What made the dudes at 5th Cell decide to take a break from Drawing and Scribbling to create a futuristic third person shooter? You won’t find that answer in this video! What you will find, though, is Hybrid – a wholly competent competitive shooter with a tactical movement mechanic that actually works. Even if I… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Super T.I.M.E. Force Trailer is from Saturday Morning’s Past

Retro graphics with action that practically shoots the name Contra across the screen, plus time manipulation and a ghost army. Did you need any more info to be sold on Super T.I.M.E. Force? Well Capybara Games has put together a trailer to blow your childhood minds just in case: During our last preview, I was… Continue reading

Foul Play Classes Up Its Brawling for Theatrical Audience

Multiplayer beat-em ups will always have a place in my downloadable library. Foul Play is looking to bring a bit more class to the genre and to XBLA with its old-fashioned brawling style. Foul Play stars Baron Dashforth as he reenacts his true life story of daemon hunting for a in-game theater audience. It “is… Continue reading

State of Decay Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC

State of Decay is a third person, open-world zombie survival game which has been in the works by Undead Labs for some time. Undead Labs originally announced the game a little over a year ago as Class 3, but it now has released a new trailer and comments on how Microsoft Studios assisted in bringing the game to Xbox… Continue reading

Dust: An Elysian Tail Launch Trailer is Winning Summer of Arcade

I’m not going to address those other games, all you should know is that Dust: An Elysian Tale is this week’s major Xbox Live Arcade release and that Metroidvania fans need to pay attention to this trailer: Dust fits the classic mold of the XBLA that we all used to love. Small team, gorgeous artwork,… Continue reading

Pinball FX2: Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Game Curious Video: Balls! Smash!

I think the last video game pinball game I played may have been on the NES. Recently though, pinball apps have started growing in popularity on every system imaginable. Personally, I had thought about trying some of the classic pinball ports on iOS, but hadn’t pulled the trigger. I had completely written off the chance… Continue reading

Fez Patch “Good Enough” for Microsoft

Do you remember the Fez patch that reportedly was destroying saves for some players? Do you also remember that this patch was pulled shortly after being placed on XBL? Well, everyone rejoice because the save killing patch is returning! In a recent post on the Poytron site, Phil Fish declared that the save issues were… Continue reading