Privates May Not Pass Peer Review

In last week’s newest Horrible Night Feature, Reply to All, we covered the game Privates. In the game, developed by Zombie Cow Studios, condom-hatted marines dive in between the legs of a woman and fight off monsters. While not the most pleasant of scenarios involving a woman’s vagina, it definitely gets points for originality. However,… Continue reading

Limbo Teaser Creeps with Style

Here’s the next indie game to keep an eye on, the 2010 Independent Games Festival’s Technical Excelllence in Visual Arts award winner – Limbo ( Danish studio Playdead is wrapping up almost 4 years of development on this atmospheric puzzle-platformer. The action in Limbo features physics-based environmental puzzles capped up with gruesome death sequences. Make… Continue reading

Massage Me Available on XBLA

A new indie game, Massage Me, is now available on XBLA for 240 points. The game seems to be a sexually direct “play with your Xbox controller not yourself” kind of game. The main feature of the game is to send vibrations to other players, via XBL local multiplayer, who then feel those vibrations that… Continue reading