Games of March Bring It

Who cares if March is over half over, there are a lot of releases and a whole new platform to talk about and we want to help you make good choices for you gaming time and your gaming dollar. We have assembled a list of the noteworthy games of the month. While some of our… Continue reading

UGH! WWE All-Stars Tag Teams With Facebook

I don’t play or buy into the whole Facebook app thing. Frankly, I find them highly annoying and spammy. However, that didn’t stop me from clicking on the WWE All-Star Fantasy Warfare app. The main reason why I did so was to help all the other wrestling fans find out who the free DLC character… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: MMOh Just Kidding

The Game Developer’s Confernce (GDC) kept everyone on their toe’s last week with more reveals, trailers, and industry insight than we are used to out of that event. Our friends over at In Gaming We Trust are raising money to help a local flooded animal rescue facility, and here on Horrible Night we announced our… Continue reading

WWE All-Stars Looks Flat Out Ridiculous

Pro wrestling is an athletic, over the top form of sports entertainment that doesn’t need much in the way of embellishment when it comes to transferring that action to video game form. WWE All-Stars is looking to change that when it is released on March 29. Developed and published by THQ, All-Stars takes your favorite wrestlers… Continue reading