Donkey Kong Country Returns is Hardcore

The buzz around Donkey Kong Country Returns is all about its brutal difficulty level. Check out the latest trailer (above), sit back and process the platforming, the mine cart jumps, and the barrel blasting. Then, ask yourself – did Nintendo just out Super Mario the Super Mario Bros games with a Donkey Kong game? Maybe… Continue reading

25th Anniversary Super Mario All-Stars Box Art is Perfect

Super Mario Bros is 25 years old this year. Let that soak in. Ready to continue? Nintendo plans to keep on celebrating the game that started it all by releasing a $30 Limited Edition of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii. The game includes the classic Super Mario All-Stars collection of Super Mario Bros 1-3… Continue reading

Just Add Music Games: Rock Band 3, Def Jam Rapstar, and DJ Hero 2

There are two sides to my love of music gaming experiences. It’s no secret that on my own I’m just a huge fan of them in general. The rest of my enjoyment comes from introducing these games to others and gauging their reactions. Ever since I ran Rock Band nights at a local bar (RIP… Continue reading

Dead Celebrity Exploitation = Free Sparkly Glove

Cows the world over will enjoy even more respite time as Michael Jackson continues to be milked for all that he’s worth. Ubisoft will be releasing Michael Jackson The Experience for Wii on November 23, and will incentivize the purchase with a replica of Jackson’s trademarked white glove. The game will give players the opportunity to… Continue reading

Billy Joel DLC To Set Your Rock Band 3 Keyboards On Fire

Looks like that shiny new keyboard you picked up for Rock Band 3 isn’t going to have a shortage of DLC thanks in part to the wonderful emotion, spite. Starting on December 14 a 12-pack of Billy Joel hits will be available, with a Piano Challenge 6-pack coming in early 2011. The other story, that… Continue reading

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Teases Demo with Bacon

Fans of Need for Speed and Burnout finally get to a taste of Criterion‘s take on Need for Speed Hot Pursuit with the demo comes out this week (Oct 26). In the demo, players will give chase as a cop along “mountainous ridges.” Don’t like playing as the “good guys?” Maybe this trailer will change… Continue reading

The Cast Of NBA Jam Is Not Trying To Make A Statement FOX News

NBA Jam is a game of pure and simple arcade fun. Even with the fantastic additions to the new version, at its core it is still the same old great fast paced 2-on-2 basketball game we remember. EA Sports gone out of it’s way to avoid breaking what wasn’t broken and every new feature is… Continue reading