Ethan Force Action Report: The Writtenization of a Podcast

We’re taking a break from Night Force Action Report this evening so instead of sharing my week of gaming and opinions through spoken word, I’m writing it down on electronic paper. Passive Aggressive Birthday Gifts/Review Requests I got quite a few games this past weekend from the entity that is Horrible Night’s EIC Justin Lacey…. Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #019: The Colors and The Nudity

Coming off of two of my more focused weeks of gaming in recent history, I wasn’t really looking for new games to play. After all I was on a mission. A mission of horror immersion that proved to be all consuming even outside of the games themselves. I hate playing horror games around distractions, most… Continue reading

Radio Waves for 09/13/13

Open world games are insane. Having a wide-open expanse of chaos and opportunity on all sides is simply insane. Maybe that’s why games of this variety are so well-received: when the leash is unhooked and your legs unshackled, anything is possible. Whether traveling in a car, boat or by the speed of your own two… Continue reading