Dead Space 3 Review: Stomp, Drop, and Roll

Being a space engineer is a hard life. They’re expected to take on a myriad of tasks, whether it be repairing derelict ships or forcibly removing a mutant’s legs from its disgusting torso. What, then, could possibly make these tasks easier on a guy who just can’t seem to get a break? How about an… Continue reading

I’ve Had Better: Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer

There’s been quite a bit of hemming and hawing in reference to Dead Space 3. Like the rest of my angry brethren, I too have some qualms about Isaac Clark’s latest adventure and apparently the latest trailer didn’t help matters all that much. Isaac isn’t Properly Equipped for this Challenge Despite wearing his signature armor and wielding the ever… Continue reading

Dead Space 3 Demo Game Curious Video: Still Stompin’

Josh and Justin give the Dead Space 3 Demo a look-see three weeks ahead of release. TLDR version? “Chronicles of Isaac Evil 5” – Josh, “My immersion!!!1” – Justin. This video is intended for an mature audience as our commentary is not kid-friendly: For more Game Curious and video content from Horrible Night: Subscribe to… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Dead Space

I have trouble ever being truly comfortable in any situation. That’s why I refuse to ever leave my house, but let’s face it: most accidents and all break-ins happen in the house, so I’m not really safe there, either. It’s all I have, but thankfully I’m a bit better prepared thanks to the lessons of… Continue reading

Dead Space 2 Demo Available Plus “The Story So Far” Trailer

The original Dead Space is the definitive video game horror experience available for this generation of consoles. For those of you who missed out on the first game, or for those fans ready to dive back in to Dead Space 2 when it is released on Jan 25 2011, Visceral Games has provided the trailer… Continue reading