Celebrate Valentines Day with a Little Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal will be released and fortunately for all you lonely single people out there, it’s coming on a day that tends to cause you quite a bit of depression. Yes, now instead of drinking boxed wine and crying over pictures of that girl/guy that you liked in high school but who never knew you… Continue reading

World of Tanks Review: Freemium Price without the Freemium Taste

Alright, I’m cheap and I don’t have a lot of time to play games right now, so I pay as little for them as I can. I’ve been an aficionado of the freemium (free-to-play, but premium access available via purchase) titles in the past few years, and World of Tanks has me freaking hooked. The… Continue reading

Video Game MD: Twisted Metal Could Prevent a Car Battle Apocalypse

With an hour long commute to work everyday, I’ve often fantasized about unleashing a barrage of missiles on the next jackass to cut me off . Unfortunately, missiles are expensive and the law has a problem with such antics. Besides, I wouldn’t fare well in jail…there aren’t enough body bags for the other inmates. For those of us that desire freedom, we… Continue reading

Blur Beta is Powered-Up

As of this writing I’ve put in probably a couple hours of racing into Bizarre’s upcoming racing game. I’ll just start here by saying that in that time I think the game is awesome! It’s a fast paced (thankfully, being a racing game), exhilarating and intense, and incredibly fun title. The game demo comprises of… Continue reading