Dungeon Defenders Celebrates 1st Anniversary with DLC and Sales

Dungeon Defenders was released only a year ago. It seems like more than that with the sheer amount of content its produced and the hours of entertainment I’ve immersed myself in. When I was perusing the Steam store yesterday I came across a massive sale on Dungeon Defenders content. Naturally, I clicked on it to find more and more… Continue reading

Dungeon Defenders with DLC Recoil Review: The Loot Keeps Coming

Back in October, I got sucked into the action/RPG/tower defense game Dungeon Defenders. While my dedication to the game ebbed and flowed throughout the jam-packed insanity of Epic Release Fall and the subsequent holiday season, it’s been a great game to fall back on and I’ve been happy to see that Trendy Entertainment has kept… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Indie Developer of the Year

While we still love the high end gameplay of AAA developers, their idea pool has gotten a bit stagnant as of late. Fortunately for gamers everywhere, the little guys have come in force to produce games based on outside the box ideas that may just become genre standards in the near future. The Nominees Min Max Games (Space Pirates and… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Dungeon Defenders

Home ownership is a huge component of the “American Dream” but that dream can quickly melt into a nightmare if one sits idly by while society’s worst plan ways to encroach on one’s personal space. Contacting your local home security expert is a great first step, but the safety of you, your family and all… Continue reading