Backlog Commandos #104 – The Wolf Among Us

Kenny can’t sway Cole, but that won’t stop him finishing The Wolf Among Us. He loves the comic series so he has to love the game, right? Don’t worry Cole finds a way to talk about wrestling and anime, too. Backlog Commandos – Playing through our growing stack of games, one game at a time. Play along… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys Recap Show: Games of the Year Awards

Our 5th annual Grimmys is now in the books. Before we close the book on 2014, Josh Lee makes a surprise appearance to offer his opinion to Justin on the awards. Let’s see how many awards he thinks are “right.” This special episode is a part of The 2014 Grimmys, Horrible Night’s game of the year awards. This… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Music of the Year

The best video game soundtrack or song that we couldn’t get out of our heads this year. Transistor – Darren Korb and Supergiant Games Supergiant knows atomosphere and Darren Korb completed Transistor’s with yet another haunting soundtrack. With or without the humming, the music will stick with you long after you finish the game. Finalists… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Day Five Awards

Our Games of the Year discussions come to their conclusion. Day Five awards locals, developers, musicians, and writers. Oh yeah, and a game of the year or two. It’s time to get stubborn and sell your opinions as fact like never before. This special episode is a part of The 2014 Grimmys, Horrible Night’s game of the… Continue reading

News and… Don’t Call It a Nintendo

Anyone who was of the Nintendo Power generation at one time in their life probably thought Nintendo was an infallible company. The Nintendo of the 80s/90s didn’t appear to be the out of touch Japanese company who passed out in their Wii money bin that we see today. Let’s just say the more time that passes the… Continue reading

In Indie News: Bastion Dev’s Next Game and Battleblock Theater Release Date

Bastion was a landmark achievement in the transition of indie games into the mainstream and one of our favorite games of 2011. Developer Supergiant Games has certainly been busy in converting Bastion to platforms we never expected for an action-RPG of this caliber (like Chrome and iOS), but that’s not all they have been up… Continue reading