Evolve Makes 4v1 Look Good From Both Sides

Turtle Rock, the developers behind Left 4 Dead definitely shook up the the multiplayer genre once before, and its next game, Evolve, may do so again. I’m a sucker for Danzig and Predator references so I stood no chance against the reveal trailer, but the gameplay demo below may have sealed my fate. On one… Continue reading

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 Announced with Extra Beef and Trailer

I really liked Space Pirates and Zombies, so much so that I decided I’d harass the creators for one of the first interviews I did on our site. What I found out was that not only were they incredible developers, they were extremely nice guys as well, providing us with some Steam codes for SPAZ to… Continue reading

Zen Studios Brings Star Wars Pinball to Pretty Much Everything Starting Feb 26th

Zen Studios broke through in a big way with us last year, even taking home a Grimmy in the process. I had written off digital pinball, but it’s is hard to argue with quality table designs in any form. Next week though, digital pinball is set to get an even wider audience to pay attention…. Continue reading

Star Trek: The Game has Pinches, Explosions, Co-Op

I’m officially turning my attention to other science fiction licenses, and, as I remember being stunned by the E3 debut of Star Trek: The Game. However, Digital Extremes and NamcoBandai have been pretty quiet about it since, even though the movie marketing has been picking up a lot of momentum. Not anymore, though, as this… Continue reading

City in the Sky BioShock Infinite Trailer Will Erect Your Dysfunctional Gamer

It’s no secret that BioShock Infinite is one of the most anticipated games of 2013, and continues to tease us with trailers to hopefully dilute our feelings of disappointment that have grown with every release date push. I have a love/hate relationship with these trailers.  I know I’m excited about this game. I know I’m… Continue reading

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Welcomes Dracula to the the Digital Age

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was a solid game that I never got around to finishing. A trailer for the sequel, currently known as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 was shown this weekend at the VGA’s and looks to bring a certain vampire named Dracula to modern times. Is the 21st century ready for vampires and… Continue reading

Two Painkiller: Hell & Damnation Trailers Full of Pleasure

The original Painkiller was the Doom 3 we all wanted. Unfortunately, we couldn’t know that at the time of its release. Yet that didn’t stop me from enjoying its refreshingly old school shooter sensibilities. Wave after wave of demonic and supernatural foes. Giant bosses. Amazing weapon designs. A f******* stake gun. You either love Painkiller… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Dudebro 2 Trailer

While we have our own unofficial Save the Bros cause here at HN, it’s always nice to see others pick up the banner. The Grimoire Assembly Forge development team born of NeoGAF members released a trailer for a new vision of its game Dudebro 2: Before we get too far, yes, that was the voice… Continue reading

Mists of Pandaria Intro Cinematic Lives Up to WoW

I don’t really care about your personal opinions of World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion Mists of Pandaria. What I do care about is bringing all sides together for something we can all enjoy and that is the release of a new Blizzard cinematic trailer. With Pandaria‘s release only about a month away, Blizzard presents us… Continue reading