Shiniest Objects: NeverFinal

THQ finally unleashed the bad news, and it was hard to watch. We wish them all of the best. Some familiar names are coming your way in different forms from Steam on mobile, free EverQuest, and a remaster of another Final Fantasy game. We wrapped up our month of Gaming Regrets before unveiling a new… Continue reading

UFC: Undisputed 3 Demo Available this Week

Fans of the UFC and punching people in general will be delighted to hear that the demo for UFC: Undisputed 3 is out today on the Xbox 360 and tomorrow for PS3 owners. The demo includes a “fantasy” match up between Jon Jones (current UFC Light heavyweight champion) and Anderson Silva (current UFC Middleweight champion) as well as… Continue reading

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is Warm Up Game for XBLA House Party 2012

Who says downloadable games aren’t gaining popularity and a certain level of awesome? Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced the lineup for the Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party, and there are highly anticipated games in the list. Luckily for many of us the warm up game at the party will be Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on February 15,… Continue reading

South Park: The Game will be an RPG by Obsidian

After the last downloadable South Park game, I pretty much gave up on the chance that we’d see another major console title out of my favorite satirical cartoon based in Colorado. Thanks to the reveal of the new Game Informer cover story, South Park fans may be in for a real adventure whether they were asking for… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Like It Should Be

A large company tried to shut down our Shiniest Objects lifeblood, but we will survive! This week, gaming’s biggest franchise returns, studio troubles and acquisitions, plus that war game sold a lot. We started off our week kinda scared from the best holiday, confused by our lack of game type, and left you with home… Continue reading

Horribly Awesome Deals of the Week: Buy Cheap and Help Us Give

So you’ve probably noticed our upcoming 24 Hour Gaming Marathon to Benefit the Child’s Play Charity, but maybe you don’t have enough games to actually play for a whole 24 hours. Luckily for you, the deal machine is back with what I think is one of the best set of deals to ever grace the… Continue reading

Crytek Taking on Homefront Sequel, Resists Urge to Include Super Suits/Powers

So Homefront got a spot on my coveted “Crazy Steam Sale List” which means that I’m interested but not enough to pay full price. I had a similar list in college, but it was for girls and determined the opulence of the restaurants I took them to (if we went to White Castle, I wasn’t going to… Continue reading

Video Game Pricing – The Horrible Show 081711

Since everything is priced too high Justin, Cole, Ethan, Justin, and Josh put their collective lack of a single economics or business degree together to find a sensible modern pricing model for video games. Result? You paid too much for this. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow Long Description Coming Soon Show Notes… Continue reading