Horrible Times #416: The New Past

It has been a timewarp around games recently, I thought we were on the cusp of a new generation. I guess leave it to a Nintendo news week to take you back to the classics, but I don’t know if that magic is working anymore Big N. I will say I’m feeling better about the… Continue reading

Hold On to Your Humanity – Super Gaming Best Friends Live #206

Josh avoids spoilers for BioShock Infinite, Justin snipes alone in PlanetSide 2, and Ethan spoils everything in the name of Piers and Resident Evil 6. Plus Defiance trucks, Bollywood Bacon, and more than you ever wanted to know carapaces. Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught up on their… Continue reading

The 2012 Grimmys: Award Selections Part 2 – The Horrible Show Live #324b

Deliberations continue for The 2012 Grimmys. Justin, Josh, Ethan, and Aaron try to figure out if doing horrible things in video games should be fun as they hand out character awards, horror awards, 2011 awards, the best looking award, and more. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of HorribleNight.com as they discuss a… Continue reading

The 2012 Grimmys: Infinite Lives Award

The main reason for a growing backlog are the games from last year that we cannot put down. Whether from pure addiction or new content, this 2011 game kept on giving in 2012. Skyrim A massive game released at the end of year coupled with multiple expansion quality downloadable content packs, made Skyrim a constant… Continue reading

Stuff Ethan Noticed About 2012 and Video Games

I’ve got a bit of writer’s block today, the kind that makes if difficult to put together things like themes or main ideas in a coherent way. So instead, I decided to write down a list of thoughts that may or may not have contributed to an editorial. Put on your seatbelts, this is going… Continue reading

Horrible Newswire: Need for Constant Reassurance

Not much is clear in December in the gaming industry, at least until the awards come out. Until then, it’s filled with a lot of reflection and predictions and last minute shuffling for the next quarter of releases. The weirdest thing? The VGA’s turned out to be watchable this year. Predict that. Ethan continued to… Continue reading

Aftermath of The Horrible Show Live #322

Justin, Josh, and Ethan apparently aren’t finished discussing choice in games which naturally leads to scary moons, roguelikes, the problem with paid betas, and of course, trucks. Aftermath Episodes – The mics stay on after the show ends as the conversation continues and live chat interacts with the cast. The Horrible Show – Join the… Continue reading

How You Play the Game: Dawnguard Review Gets Beckinsaled

I’ve been eyeballing Dawnguard, the first official DLC for Skyrim for a while now, but wasn’t ready to pull the trigger since I hadn’t played the game much lately and really couldn’t remember where I’d left off. That’s intimidating enough for any game, but with Skyrim it’s exhausting just thinking about trying to tracing my own… Continue reading

Gaming Advocate: Do Monsters Have Rights?

When I go to sleep at night, I sometimes dream of all the monsters I’ve destroyed throughout my life as a gamer. What some may consider a nightmare is a delightful jaunt that endlessly highlights all that I’ve accomplished. Unfortunately, I read an article that a vegan wrote about hunting and how we continue to… Continue reading