How You Play the Game: My Passion for Poison

When I was a young boy, I remember helping my mom clean up the house and noticing strange stickers on all of the cleaning supplies. They were a very distasteful shade of bright green and featured a simply illustrated black frowning face sticking its tongue out. Being the inquisitive youth I was, I asked her… Continue reading

Difficulty Settings Part 2: Current Gen

If you played any game from my golden age of video games (8-bit era) then you know that each game had its own unique level of  challenge. I am sure that there is a lot of revisionist history when it comes to nostalgic games, but any gamer that grew up around a NES knows what… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! The Silly Adventures of Mr. Mochi in Oblivion

I remember putting at least a 100 hours into the world of Oblivion but rarely strayed off the path of righteousness. Despite the incredible possibility of  shenanigans that presented themselves time and time again, the quests and a very obsessive video game code of morality kept me restrained with only my imagination as a means… Continue reading

The Summer of JP

This summer I have made it my personal mission to complete games in my library that have remained unfinished and collecting dust. I have a nasty habit of starting a game and abruptly stopping around the 10 hour mark. For no rhyme or reason, my ADD kicks in and I am on to the next… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Characters Without Character

There’s a reason not every game allows you to customize your character or even create one from scratch. Video games’ icons may have been made before gamers’ had the option of creating their own versions. However, some games are much more engrossing for those personal touches you can throw on your avatar. So where is… Continue reading

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to Use a New Game Engine

Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion set the standard for open world RPG’s this generation. It’s impressive graphics engine showed off just how vast the continent of Tamriel was and helped sell more than a few Xbox 360’s and introduce gamers to HD console gaming. That graphics engine has been modified and used in the… Continue reading