The Evil Within Reflex Review – Trying New Things. Like Being Slaughtered

Let it never be said that I refuse to come out of my comfort zone and try new things. I was sitting in front of my Xbox One last night, about to use it for the first time in three weeks and realized I really didn’t feel like playing Destiny because it just hasn’t done it for… Continue reading

ZombiU Game Curious Video: Or Don’t Survive

Oh look, Ubisoft made a launch game for a new console and it’s another zombie game. Before you write off ZombiU you may want to witness the struggles and screamgiggles that accompany some truly old-fashioned “survival horror” while taking notice of the best usage of the Wii U Gamepad. After all, you won’t die as… Continue reading

Resident Evil 6 Demo Game Curious Video: All Kinds of Residents

The Resident Evil 6 demo was made available this past week to those that purchased Dragon’s Dogma for Xbox 360. To say the sixth numerically titled entry in the series has seen it’s fair share of mixed commentary after an action heavy trailer was shown would be an understatement. Fear not fans, as after playing through the… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Dead Space

I have trouble ever being truly comfortable in any situation. That’s why I refuse to ever leave my house, but let’s face it: most accidents and all break-ins happen in the house, so I’m not really safe there, either. It’s all I have, but thankfully I’m a bit better prepared thanks to the lessons of… Continue reading

Killing Floor and Tripwire Interactive Celebrate 1 Million Sold with Steam Sale

Sometimes it pays off by grinding away for two years and working hard to bring an enjoyable experience to your fans. Tripwire Interactive is celebrating reaching 1 million copies of Killing Floor sold by placing the game on sale for $2.99. You can also get the Killing Floor Bundle featuring 7 items for only $4.78. For those who have… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Silent Hill

Those of us slaving away in 9-5 jobs often fantasize about the freeing experience of taking to the open road and exploring the highways and country roads of our magnificent country. In the most extreme of circumstances, the road trip has also been a stalwart of unconventional mental health treatment, best applied when the aforementioned… Continue reading

Shadows of the Damned Confirms that Bird Demons are Pendejos

Shadows of the Damned is stroking the right demon hunting chords with me lately. The hero, Garcia Hotspur (seen above), has a juvenile sense of humor along, plenty of attitude, and a shape shifting gun with a personality; he is shaping up to be my kind of protagonist. Grasshopper Manufacture is developing this survival horror game… Continue reading