E3 13: inFamous: Second Son is a Next-Gen Playground

While I am a big Infamous fan, when glancing through the potential PS4 games library, I found myself skipping over the existing franchises and looking for new titles first. Once I circled back to watch some actual gameplay from inFamous: Second Son, my jaw dropped. Maybe it is because I’m a sucker for destructible enviornments,… Continue reading

inFamous 2 Duality Trailer: Be you Angel, or Devil?

Most open world games as of late have had some sort of morality meter within. Whether you choose to be evil, good, or somewhere in between has always been up to the player to decide. InFamous 2 looks to have a little more influence on that decision making with two women harping in your ear…. Continue reading

inFAMOUS 2 Gameplay Is Only Getting Stronger

Video game sequels have been on a roll lately. The developers take so much time crafting the world and the game engine for the initial game, that we are lucky when it turns out to be a memorable and playable experience. If it is¬†successful, they get a real shot at proving what bigger, better, and… Continue reading