Wizardtrain187’s Games of The Year 2013

2013 has been a strange year for me for gaming. I’ve found myself especially distracted by Steam Early Access and other programs that allow me to play games in their alpha or beta stage, thus my time with full releases has been somewhat limited. Additionally, I found myself anticipating releases more than actually playing those… Continue reading

Night Force Action Report #114 – All Jammed Up

Ethan makes an uncomfortable return from Oktoberfest and swings by zombie and creation land. Josh fails as a starship pilot and GTA criminal. Justin takes a panda detour from slicing up demons. Plus the Riddick of video games is not the Riddick game. Night Force Action Report – The editorial video game podcast where the… Continue reading

Just 5 More Minutes: State of Decay

State of Decay was released this past Friday through Steam Early Access, meaning that there are still some bugs and other issues being worked out. As a result, writing an official review of the PC version wouldn’t be appropriate. Please keep that in mind as while I had very few issues running the game, my… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Fine Plus Decay

We survived E3, so what else was going on? Well for one thing, there was a bad ass indie press conference called the Horizon Conference on the final day of E3 that I completely missed, and Double Fine reestablished themselves as the kings of game funding. Sony shows just how not-rigid PlayStation Plus can be,… Continue reading

State of Decay Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC

State of Decay is a third person, open-world zombie survival game which has been in the works by Undead Labs for some time. Undead Labs originally announced the game a little over a year ago as Class 3, but it now has released a new trailer and comments on how Microsoft Studios assisted in bringing the game to Xbox… Continue reading