Final Fantasy XIII-2 Reflex Review: Going 88 Mogs Per Hour

In what seems to be an effort to right the wrongs of its predecessor, Final Fantasy XIII-2 continues the story of Lightning and friends mainly by the usage of time travel. It’s almost as if Square Enix is subconsciously trying to say they want to go back in time and make everybody happy the first… Continue reading

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review: There is a God in my Machine

If you think about other games that have tried it, it must be difficult to pick up a series with an acclaimed first title (and a disregarded second title) after a decade and knock it out of the park, but that’s exactly what Eidos Studios – Montreal did with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I was a huge… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Vagrant Story

Whenever I come across a mysterious cult leader, I have to follow his trail. Even if that means going to a magical city of ruin. I don’t normally like to spend a lot of time in dungeons, but when it is necessary I will silence my fears and proceed with extreme caution. You have to be… Continue reading

Chiptune Flavored Music from Square Enix

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Square Enix was going to be releasing a 20 disc! Mana soundtrack. Well, that’s not the only soundtrack Square plans on releasing this year. On September 9, Square will be releasing what they are calling SQ Chips. It will be a chiptune flavored soundtrack set consisting of… Continue reading