I Learned Something Today: Super Spike V’ball

Growing up as a little brother to a sister who got into every sport they’d let her play, I’ve seen my share of volleyball matches. Let’s just say I was never driven to participate in one. However, a V’ball match? Now that’s something entirely different because I know the lessons of Super Spike V’ball. The… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Ice Hockey

It’s hard for many of my new friends to believe, but I used to be a pretty dedicated athlete. At one point I was actively playing 7 different sports (bowling counts, right?). One sport that always baffled me though was hockey. As a true American, I’ve never been a fan of soccer and hockey always… Continue reading

The Cast Of NBA Jam Is Not Trying To Make A Statement FOX News

NBA Jam is a game of pure and simple arcade fun. Even with the fantastic additions to the new version, at its core it is still the same old great fast paced 2-on-2 basketball game we remember. EA Sports gone out of it’s way to avoid breaking what wasn’t broken and every new feature is… Continue reading

Madden 11 has Flow

After not playing the Madden franchise in a few years, I decided to download the demo of Madden NFL 11 when it hit Xbox Live earlier this week. I played it for 2 quarters and 1 series in the second half and came to the conclusion that yep, it’s Madden alright. I was afraid that… Continue reading

Backbreaker Demo Hits Without a License

A couple of years ago, NaturalMotion announced that they were working on a physics-focused football game called Backbreaker which would be developed using their Euphoria engine. Since then the Euphoria engine has gone on to power games like Grand Theft Auto IV, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and, more recently, Red Dead Redemption. However, Backbreaker… Continue reading

Somebody Bought That 2Ball Demo

You might have read my post about the awesome free demo that was handed out at the 1998 All-Star game. 2Ball never turned out to be a successful event during All-Star Weekend. In fact the demo probably made more for the NBA in terms of licensing than the actual event did. Some ingenious entrepreneur, trying to… Continue reading

This Week’s Worst Way to Waste Money

The auction website eBay is home to many strange and wonderful things. In the video game world it’s a place where collectors can find the rare item they didn’t know they were looking for. Just last month an NES game called Stadium Events sold on eBay for $40,000. So it seems that people are coming… Continue reading


On April 22, an app was released that let subscribers of MLB.TV watch any game they like on the PS3. You have to download it from the Playstation Store, it’s a small 16MB file and installs under the video section on the XMB. You can watch any game scheduled for that day as well and… Continue reading